What you can expect from our Elite Program

Our goal in the Elite Program at SSM-FC Golf Center of Excellence is to prepare motivated student/athletes to play high level tournament golf at the junior, collegiate and professional level.

What happens first:

Total Game assessment

Coach Fruisen will first do a total game assessment for each individual. We will identify a golfers strengths and weaknesses both physically and mentally.

During the Total Game Assessment we will rate specific areas of a student athlete's golf game:

Approach Shots
Short game
Course Management
Mental Game

Once the TGA is completed, Coach Fruisen will then design a personalized plan that will unlock the potential for each student/athlete at Shattuck-St. Mary’s International School.

From that point we will utilize extensive video analysis, TrackMan technology and Golfpsych mental skills training and instruction from Coach Fruisen that will clearly provide a path forward to dramatically improve swing, scores and attitude.

You are Unique!

Understanding and learning swing fundamentals are vital to success and we will make sure that your swing fundamentals are tour quality; however; there is no “one swing.” Every individual is unique in build, strength, flexibility and mental make-up. Coach Fruisen will identify your strengths and weaknesses so that you can become the best golfer you you can possibly be. We will compare your swing to tour pros to identify common traits that you share and can emulate. If there is a glaring weakness in your game we will work hard until we have turned it into a strength. You will learn advanced swing principles to help you better identify your own swing flaws and eventually have the knowledge to self-correct your own swing. Coach Fruisen’s goal is to have each student “own” their swing.

Numbers Don’t Lie!

We will constantly focus on numbers, and not just numbers relative to your score on the course. We will look at numbers relating to your swing utilizing TrackMan Technology. You will learn about numbers relating to your ideal swing path, swing speed, face angle, launch angle, spin rate—and dozens more!—and how improving these numbers will affect distance and direction. TrackMan is the tool that almost every tour pro uses each day to monitor their swing and to make long term improvement in their golf game. We will do weekly tracking of your personal data numbers to set short term, mid-range and long term improvement goals.

Practice and Play

At Shattuck St. Mary’s Golf Center of Excellence we have daily access to world-class golf facilities. We will practice and play on multiple golf courses such as the Forest City Golf Resort, a 36 hole Jack Nicklaus golf design featuring the Classic Course and the Legacy Course. These are beautiful golf courses with an excellent driving range and short game practice area.

Each day at practice you will have performance based drills to complete to ensure your skills are improving. Be prepared, Coach Fruisen will challenge you with tour level practice drills! These will help you see dramatic improvement in your skills and take your game to the next level.

There will also be a strength and fitness training component to our program. It is essential that our student/athletes get stronger the right way. Not understanding how to workout for golf can have a very adverse affect on your game and could cause injury. We will make sure that you get stronger by using the same techniques used by tour pros.

What you can expect from our Developmental Program

Our goal in the Developmental Program at SSM-FC Golf Center of Excellence is to help our student/athletes develop an increased understanding of golf to enjoy recreationally or to advance into the Elite Program or to use as a tool for business in the future.

Understanding All Aspects of Golf

Coach Fruisen will teach swing fundamentals, cause and effect, course management, rules and etiquette and mental training to give each student/athlete at Shattuck St. Mary’s International School the tools to play golf on the recreational level and will be introduced to playing competitively in golf tournaments.

Students will learn in a class room setting, on the practice range and on the golf course.

We will utilize video analysis, TrackMan technology and Golfpsych mental skills training and instruction from Coach Fruisen to teach a comprehensive program covering all aspects of the golf swing and the game of golf.

Swing Fundamentals

Each student/athlete is unique in build, personality, strength, flexibility and mental make-up. We will teach in a combination of group lessons and in an individual setting.

At the foundational level each part of the golf swing will be learnt piece by piece. Once a student has mastered one piece, another will be introduced, eventually putting all the pieces together to have a fundamentally sound and functional golf swing.

Students will learn:

Short game
Course management

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