School Facilities

Early Childhood classes will have around 15 students. Lower School, Middle School and Upper School will have around 20-22 students. Elective classes in Upper School will have smaller class sizes.
We offer a range of after school activities. For our lower school students, we have offered programs in: Creative Minds (Art) , Table tennis, Taekwondo, Poundsâ & Dance, English, Robotics, Minecraft, Redstone, Programming. For Upper School: Basketball, Taekwondo, Ballet, English Tutoring, Science Tutoring, Math Tutoring, Swimming Club, Cards and Board Games, Beginners Cooking/Baking, Fitness, Student Council, Dance Troupe, and Fitness.
We will engage an established transport company to provide bus services to destinations in Johor and Singapore.
Our canteen will provide a range of nutritious and appetizing food for children, including both Western and Asian options. Boarders will eat all meals in school canteen. Day students will have lunch and morning/afternoon snacks.