SSM-FC Partner Visits: Meg Brainard and Nick Cobett

Nick Cobbert and Meg Brainard from Shattuck-St. Mary’s Educational Services visited campus last week.  Nick and Meg enjoyed meeting with teachers and students throughout their visit and offered coaching sessions for teachers who are working on curricular and leadership projects.  Nick and Meg help the school to ensure that SSM-FC fulfils its mission and vision with the same spirit as the Main Campus in Faribault, Minnesota.

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Halloween Feature

On Halloween, the SSM-FC community gathered for an energetic parade. Students and staff displayed their creativity by showcasing imaginative costumes on stage. The fun didn't stop there – later in the afternoon, the Shattuck Student Association hosted a spooktacular Halloween Party. Everyone was invited to enjoy the festivities, including a photo booth, face painting, and delicious snacks. Adding to the Halloween spirit, our boarding program organized a special night of trick-or-treating in the dormitories, providing a unique and memorable experience for our residential students. For a closer look at the day's events, be sure to check out our feature from the JMT YouTube channel!

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Deepavali (Diwali) Celebration

During the lower school community meeting, Ms. Nhivetha and a fourth-grade student shared the significance of Deepavali, the festival of lights. The word Deepavali is derived from two Sanskrit words: “Deepa” meaning lamp and “avali” meaning row. Together it signifies rows of light. The central theme of the festival is the triumph of light over darkness and good over evil. Students also crafted beautiful DIYA lamps. #CulturalCelebration 🪔✨.

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Rising Stars Shine: Bonita and Jiayi's Remarkable Debut at the Johor Tennis Association Junior State Tournament

Fourth graders Bonita and Jiayi competed in the Johor Tennis Association Junior State Tournament in October.  Players represented several countries including China, Malaysia, Japan, Canada, Korea, and Singapore.  Bonita earned a gold medal in U10 Doubles and Jaiyi earned a bronze medal in U10 Singles. Neither Bonita nor Jaiyi had ever competed in a tournament in Malaysia before, and both were medalists, but that’s not the most interesting part of the story.  

Bonita had originally entered to compete in singles, and since her opponent in a consolation round did not show up and forfeited the match, Bonita was offered a chance to compete in the Doubles Tournament. Having never played doubles before, she took quick instruction on the rules and strategy for playing tennis with a partner.  Just before the match, she met her partner and together they won a gold medal. Jaiyi faced talented competition throughout the tournament, and his athleticism and powerful ground strokes carried him to the final rounds. In his last match, a more experienced tournament player took the pace off the ball and was able to defeat Jaiyi.  Both Bonita and Jaiyi gained valuable experience in match play.  Their competitive spirit and skills were put to a big challenge, and they both learned much about court strategy.  We look forward to their next competitions!

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Genius Hours Presentations

The recent Genius Hour presentations were a vibrant display of over 20 student-led passion projects, each marked by a unique blend of creativity, commitment, and a strong desire to create a positive impact. In this article, we'll highlight a few of these inspiring initiatives to showcase the diverse talents and interests of our students.

One interesting project was the Kelab Alami initiative, aimed at transforming our Citizen Science Centre into a vibrant and functional space. Students took on the challenge of designing an attractive room with engaging displays and well-organized equipment. Their vision was to create an inspiring environment for our budding citizen scientists, making science both accessible and exciting. This project not only enhanced the physical space but also fostered a sense of community among young science enthusiasts.

Another exciting project was the Mari Membaca Kiosk reading initiative. Students embarked on a mission to spread the joy of reading within the JB community. They planned field trips to the kiosk and book warehouse, exploring innovative ways to engage people with reading. This project highlighted the importance of literacy and the power of books to connect and enrich communities.

The Soccer Skills project was a dynamic venture where students honed their athletic abilities, focusing on skills like passing, shooting, and dribbling. More than just learning and practicing these skills, the project included organizing actual games to apply what they learned. The highlight was a test at the end of the Genius Hour to measure the improvement in their soccer skills, adding a competitive and fun element to their learning.

Each of these projects exemplifies the essence of student-centered learning. Students independently identified areas they were passionate about, set their objectives, and executed their projects with minimal guidance. These initiatives not only allowed them to explore and develop specific skills but also taught them valuable lessons in project management, teamwork, and community engagement. The Genius Hour presentations were a testament to the creativity, initiative, and potential of our students in independently shaping their learning experiences and contributing positively to their communities.

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SSM-FC Principals Contributions to School Leadership and Multilingual Learning

Ms. Dominguez and Dr. Morrin attended the EARCOS Leadership Conference in November. They attended to learn about current topics related to school leadership. 

The Standards of Practice for International School teachers and leaders about which Ms. Lianne presented during the conference and wrote on The International Educator (TIE) website are being implemented at Shattuck-St. Mary’s Forest City they are based on the model from the Principal’s Training Course and has been the leader in training international principals for over 25 years.  Over this past summer in Rome, Italy Ms. Lianne served on the faculty of the Principal Training Center.  Please give this first article featured in TIE Online a close read.  You will see how SSM-FC is setting the standard for schools around the world.

Dr. Morrin’s research was published in the Handbook of Research on Critical Issues and Global Trends in International Education.  Dr. Morrin contributed a chapter entitled Enhancing Multilingual Learning Programs Decision in English Medium Schools, Factors Benefits and Strategies.   The article draws on Dr. Morrin’s doctoral research she recently completed at Concordia University in Wisconsin.   Dr. Morrin’s article explores how best to utilize the previous language experience of students when considering their placement in programs that support English learning in International Schools.   

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Building Relationships: Dr. Korth meets university representatives in Thailand

In late September, Dr. Korth headed to Bangkok for the EARCOS CIS-EARCOS Institute on International Admissions and Guidance. These conferences give our college counseling staff the opportunity to network with university representatives from around the world, building important networks of communication and connection. During these three days, universities presented sessions on new programs, majors, and financial aid offerings for international students. Experienced counseling staff offered professional development sessions and forum discussions about emerging topics such as AI, the new SAT exams, and changes in the U.S. university landscape. Dr. Korth spent time networking with university representatives from 27 countries, focusing particularly on relationships with the coalition of Scottish universities, university reps from the University of British Columbia, and a group of 15 U.S. liberal arts colleges which includes Amherst, Wellesley, and Oberlin. Dr. Korth also hosted an SSM-FC booth, to proudly share our student profile and explain why our school is a good one to recruit from.

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Community Engagement: Early Childhood Open House

On September 20th to 22nd, the early childhood teachers invited parents to visit the classroom to observe their children learning through play. The children were overjoyed to have their parents in the room as they engaged in their morning routines. After washing hands and signing in, they chose their path of play with some gravitating towards “provocations” prepared by the teachers while others chose to play in the Blocks area or the Dramatic Play area. Some even chose to spend this time quietly in the Library area.

Then, the class came together for their Morning Meeting where they celebrated each other’s presence, updated the calendar, and discussed their plans for the rest of the day. It was delightful to see the parents too participate in the singing and movement activities that followed, adding an extra layer of joy to the moment.

Later, the parents had the opportunity to observe their children during art and music lessons as well. The teachers wanted to extend their heartfelt thanks to all parents for joining them at the Open House event. Each day was truly special, filled with learning and joyful interactions. The parents’ participation meant so much to the children.

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Community Engagement: Euro-Asia Competition

The Euro-Asia Performing Arts Association held the Johor regional Piano and Strings Competition over the weekend of September 23rd 24th.  Students of all ages participated in the competition. On, Saturday a concert featuring some of the previous award winners. Dr. Lynne Morrin assisted on Sunday with the awarding of prizes for the participants.  The school hosts this event to promote the study of music and to offer our community access to quality cultural events.

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Citizen Science

In Grade 1 social science, students have been embarking on exciting explorations to the local West Beach to discover various elements of marine life such as shells and animals. Our young learners eagerly roam the sandy shores, their curious eyes scanning the ground for beautiful shells scattered along the coast. They gather a diverse array of shells, each unique in size, color, and pattern. They use data graphs and traits charts to identify what they find document their discoveries.

In addition to shells, students have come across fascinating marine creatures like urchins, hermit crabs, mud skippers, and horseshoe crabs.

Our program teachers students about the importance of preserving these natural habitats and respecting the marine life they encounter. The beach exploration allows them to appreciate the beauty of the coastal ecosystem and the importance of taking care of it for future generations to enjoy. Students have a newfound understanding and respect for the wildlife surrounding them.

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Celebrating Diversity in Traditions: A Look at SSMFC’s Mid-Autumn Festival

At SSMFC, we believe that embracing diversity isn’t just about recognizing differences but actively participating in the traditions that make each culture unique.

This year, the Lower School Mandarin students had a delightful immersion into the traditions of the Mid-Autumn Festival, a festival celebrated by Chinese communities worldwide. Under the guidance of Ms. Jolie and Ms. Eunice, the students embarked on a culinary adventure of making mooncakes, a central element of the festival. 

Meanwhile in secondary school, students in the Culinary (CAKE) class, under Mrs. Efthymiou, also tried their hands at making mooncakes. For many, this was their first encounter with this tradition. Through teamwork, learning, and a splash of creative enthusiasm, they managed to produce delicious mooncakes.

However, the celebration did not end in the classrooms. As the sun dipped below the horizon and the harvest moon rose, the boarding community of SSMFC gathered at the pitch with their bright festive lanterns that created a magical tapestry of light against the night sky.  A mooncake buffet was the star of the evening. From the traditional lotus paste to the modern twist of durian flavor, there was something for everyone. The diversity in flavors was reflective of the diverse community at SSMFC, each one bringing a unique taste to the table.

In essence, at SSMFC, we don’t just learn about traditions; we live them. And in doing so, we weave a tapestry of memories, experiences, and stories that will last a lifetime.

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Alumni Spotlight: From Dreaming to Achieving: My Journey to Northwestern University's Journalism School with SSM-FC's Support

Dreams have the power to shape our lives, but often, it takes the right guidance and support to turn those dreams into reality. For me, the dream was to become a journalist, and the pathway to Northwestern University, the 9th-ranked university in the United States and the 1st-ranked journalism school in the world would not have been possible without the proud help of SSM-FC. With their invaluable support, I not only secured admission to Northwestern University but also received a full scholarship for four years. This article tells the story of my journey and the pivotal role played by SSM-FC in making my dreams come true.

My passion for journalism has been a constant companion since my early years. I was deeply interested in the world of storytelling, communication, and the power of the media to shape opinions and share impactful stories. This passion, however, required nurturing and guidance to transform into a tangible career path.

In Grade 11, I took my first steps toward realizing my journalism dreams with the help of two incredible mentors, Ms. Lianne and Dr. Maloberti. Together, we published the prestigious magazine 'Towards Tomorrow.' This experience not only honed my writing and editorial skills but also instilled in me the confidence to pursue a career in journalism.

In Grade 12, I had the privilege of enrolling in Dr. Pettigrew's Media Production class, which proved to be a transformative experience. Under Dr. Pettigrew's esteemed guidance, the media students and I created 'Shattuck Student News,' a platform that not only showcased my passion for journalism but also helped me build a strong foundation in media production. The skills I acquired in this class would prove invaluable in my future endeavors.

With a passion for journalism and a growing portfolio of work, I set my sights on Northwestern University in Qatar. During the process of applying to university, the support of the esteemed Ms. Lianne and the great Dr Korth was of the greatest help to me. Support from them and the school and the experience and skills I learned from the excellent faculty helped me enter college on a four-year full-merit scholarship. In recognition of my experience at SSM-FC, I was also accepted into the competitive Northwestern University in Qatar Press (The Daily-Q) as a reporter directly under the editor-in-chief.

As I embark on my journey at Northwestern University I am already looking forward to the opportunities that lie ahead. My goal is to gain practical experience through internships that will further refine my journalism skills and broaden my horizons. I plan to complete three internships before graduating. During my third year, I am considering a 10-week internship at Al Jazeera, a prestigious international news organization. This opportunity promises exposure to global

journalism and a deeper understanding of diverse cultures and perspectives. Additionally, I aspire to conduct two more internships, potentially in Korea, the United States, or Singapore, to gain a well-rounded understanding of journalism's global landscape. These goals and the future I have would not have been possible without the help of SSM-FC.

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Building Empathy: World Peace Day Project

In a heartwarming display of collaboration, Grade 1 and 2 students recently undertook a project centered around the book "Origami Peace Cranes: Friendships Take Flight" by Sue DiCicco. The engaging story, replete with captivating illustrations and insightful ideas, was chosen with a specific purpose in mind—to address the anxiety that often accompanies new beginnings in the lives of young students.

This literary journey served as a powerful introduction to the themes of kindness, individuality, diversity, and open-mindedness for the participating children. Delving deeper into the narrative, the students explored the origins of the Peace Cranes, tracing their roots back to Hiroshima, Japan. They discovered the profound impact of this initiative by visiting the website, which detailed the project's noble mission.

Eager to translate their newfound knowledge into creative expression, the class embarked on a hands-on journey of crafting origami peace cranes, hearts, and doves. Each piece of paper art carried heartfelt messages of love, peace, hope, and friendship, embodying the very ideals they had learned from the book. This artistic endeavor held a special significance as it coincided with the celebration of World Peace Day, observed annually on September 21st.

The Grade 1 and 2 students, with their boundless enthusiasm and genuine commitment, not only explored important life lessons but also demonstrated the profound impact literature and art can have on fostering friendship, empathy, and a shared vision of peace in our world.

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Dr. Maloberti joins Country Garden Education Schools Annual Meeting in Foshan

In response to the changes in Chinese Education Law, the Country Garden Schools in China have adopted a not-for-profit model of operation.  To find their new direction, the schools have looked back to their original inspiration of providing a high-quality education for children in China and toward the goal of becoming one of China’s best education providers.  The schools are reinvesting in their facilities and infrastructure as well as sharing expertise between the teachers and leaders in the group.  The schools are also exploring how best to improve economies of scale and professional development by centralizing some of the operational resources that were previously managed independently by each school.  A talented group of experts has been assembled to support the schools in College Counseling, Marketing, Student Recruitment, Professional Development, Curricular Development,  HR, Finance, Procurement, and Logistics,  Shattuck-St. Mary’s Forest City will enjoy access to the new group of talented leaders as well.  In October, a delegation from Country Garden Schools will visit our campus with the goals of establishing an admission and marketing plan in China, supporting the HR and operations teams, and identifying other areas where SSM-FC can enjoy more support by collaborating with the leadership of the Country Garden Schools in China.

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Community Newsletter September 2023 Volume 1

To the Community,

Please see the attached Community Newsletter from the Senior Leadership Team.  We hope you enjoy learning more about the school and our community.  Please continue to watch for future issues of the Community Newsletter as it will be published on a regular basis.

Best regards,
Gregg Maloberti, Ed.D.
Lianne Dominguez
Lynne Morrin, Ed.D.

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Towards Tomorrow - Special Edition

Towards Tomorrow is a bimontly e-magazine created and published by Dogyu Lee, Grade 11,  as part of his Internship activity.  The Internship activity was supervised by Ms. Lianne Dominguez, Secondary School Principal and Dr. Gregg Maloberti, Head of School.

"This semester I was able to learn a fascinating subject called AP Human Geography from Mr. Tanner, a very respectable teacher. As my last project of the semester, I did a job linking my internship with this AP Human Geography. I wanted to convey to our SSM-FC community the known and unknown issues that are currently happening around the world. Therefore, I investigated the known and unknown issues on the six continents of Earth and the North Pole, while also relating to the concept of AP Human Geography. Then, I bundled them up and published them as a special edition of Towards Tomorrow.

AP Human Geography is a very attractive subject. And, through the magazine below that I have created, I will show you the path of exploration into this wonderful subject. If you have the time, click the image below to read this special edition. In addition, next Wednesday, during the showcase, If you visit Mr. Tanner's classroom, you'll be able to see this special edition with your own eyes."
- Dogyu Lee
(he, him, his)
Editor-in-chief of Towards Tomorrow
(Towards Tomorrow's Web address)

P.S. Please note that this Towards Tomorrow AP Human Geography Special Edition is separate from Towards Tomorrow Volume 2, which will be released next week.

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SSMFC Spring Concert 2022

This coming Wednesday, June 8, we will have our Final Music Showcase of the year! This event will give you an opportunity to hear some of the music made here during the school day. You will hear both individuals, small group ensembles and larger groups. Posted below the flyer for the event.

If you are not able to attend on campus, you can watch the performances on Zoom. The link is embedded in the flyer. 

A note about safety: Please remember to keep your mask on at all times. Please head upstairs to enter from the top of the auditorium, and maintain at least one row of seats between you and any students. 

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you!

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Prevention of COVID 19 at SSM-FC

Since the beginning of the pandemic, SSM-FC has strictly followed the guidelines and standard operating procedures stipulated by the Malaysian Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health.  Research and policies from the WHO (World Health Organization) and the United States CDC (Center for Disease Control) have further informed the school’s management of the risk associated with the global pandemic.

Students, parents, faculty members, support staff, the Senior Leadership Team led by Dr. Gregg Maloberti have adopted and implemented proactive measures and regulations through continuous exchange of communication between the school administration and the members of the community. The measures included installing facial recognition, thermal temperature scanners at the school entrances, sanitizing and disinfecting classrooms at regular intervals, providing clear and visual instructions for physical hygiene, wearing masks at all times, ensuring strict physical and social distancing in classrooms, cafeteria, playgrounds, and conducting school funded, random Antigen testing on all individuals supervised by the school nurse. 

As the health and safety of the community remains the school’s highest priority, Dr. Maloberti has sent regular emails to parents emphasizing proper and appropriate social and hygiene practices at school and at home. Parents, faculty and staff members have also been instructed to notify the school administration if any student shows symptoms of possible infection. Clear instructions were given to stay home should any student, parent, or staff member experience any symptom related to Covid-19 while at school, rapid Antigen testing at the school campus is administered by our School Nurse, Ms. Shelley. For those who reported symptoms or positive cases following home-testing, MOH isolation guidelines were shared by Dr. Maloberti. Similarly, those who have been identified as “close-contacts” of positive cases, are quarantined according to the latest MOH guidelines. In Dr. Maloberti’s words, “If you or your child detect even mild symptoms, please stay home, self-test, and isolate until a negative RTK Antigen test confirms a negative result for the presence of the Covid-19 Virus. This will not only protect you and your family from further spread of the virus, but it will also prevent subsequent community transmission of the Covid-19 Virus.” 

From time to time, the school has imposed longer periods of isolation or quarantine on positive cases or close contacts.  Dr. Maloberti has said, “These additional cautions and highly restrictive measures are in effect, because our school population includes unvaccinated children and other vulnerable groups.”  These more stringent measures help to contain the virus and prevent widespread infection within the school community.

Whenever there is a Covid-19 positive case or close contact at school, the division Principals Ms. Morrin and Ms. Domninguez send Information to parents and students about specific responses in each grade level or division.  These timely communications and responsive measures are in line with our school’s ultimate goal of keeping the community safe and maintaining a well-protected campus. These communications are further evidence  of the school’s commitment to a level of response to the pandemic that is above and beyond the SOPs and the minimum requirements of the MOH.  

Students, teachers, staff, and parents have all been strongly encouraged to get vaccinated and boosted.  The school has supported every initiative to get our community vaccinated and boosted by coordinating schedules and availability of vaccines with local clinics and public vaccination centers.   The high rate of vaccination in the school community has helped to keep Covid-19 infections to a minimum.  Everyone is advised to get vaccinated and boosted as soon as possible.

Our Wellness and Health Awareness Center has a key role in administering Rapid Antigen Tests  (RTK) for all at the campus. The process of scheduling and running the tests is run by our School Nurse, Ms. Kau Siew Ley Shelley who also supervises the Medical Help Desk. She has been sending emails, reminders to the members of the school community highlighting the importance of good sanitization, social distancing, hand washing, and wearing masks at all times. She conducts regular temperature checks. For those appearing for the random Covid-19 tests, Ms. Shelley sends out instructions on the procedures to follow prior to the test. She takes great care in reminding students and faculty members about the importance of following the SOPs.  Nurse Shelly is personally and professionally dedicated to maintaining the school’s mission of keeping the campus safe and healthy.

Our School Nurse, Ms. Kau Siew Ley Shelley.

Recently, one of our students, Yaewon from Grade 8, interviewed Nurse Shelly to learn more about the impact of Covid-19 on the school community and how to avoid catching the deadly virus. At one point in their discussion, Nurse Shelley gave a valuable piece of advice, “Family and friends should wash hands before taking and after taking food. And, it is a must to wash hands with soap, avoid touching your face, disinfect the environment, maintain social distance at least one meter apart, eat more vitamins, wear a mask whenever going out, and immediately take shower after coming back home because people could be exposed to bacteria and viruses when they go out.”  She further added,  “Remember Covid-19 does not choose its victims, it doesn't matter if you are young or old. Everybody has the same risk chance of contracting this terrible virus. Follow the 3 W’s: Wash(Wash your hands.)  Wear(Wear your mask.)  Watch(Watch your distance.).”


Apart from her main role at our Medical Help Desk, as a caring and loving school nurse, Ms. Shelley always tries to make our students aware and well-informed about the dangers of this infectious virus while contributing to the all wellness and awareness concerns for the SSM-FC community.

Adhering to the SOPs, continuous random testing conducted by a trained nurse, strict quarantine and isolation policies, and the promotion of Covid-19 vaccines have helped the SSM-FC limit our exposure to the Covid-19 virus.  Constant vigilance is the only way to combat such a sneaky virus that cannot even be seen by the human eye.  

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April 2022 Vol 1

Towards Tomorrow is a bimontly e-magazine created and published by Dogyu Lee, Grade 11,  as part of his Internship activity. 

As the title of the publication suggests and in Dogyu's own words - "..We must not lose sight of the bright candle and move forward in the present situation that plagues us with hate crimes, the horrific war, and the epidemic that makes us sick. In addition, the theme of this first volume is rest or relaxation. I believe the most important thing we need in this present situation that torments us is rest."

The Internship activity was supervised by Ms. Lianne Dominguez, Secondary School Principal and Dr. Gregg Maloberti, Head of School.

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Shattuck-St. Mary’s Forest City International School: Success in 2021 and beyond

To see what an American education looks like, head to Shattuck-St. Mary’s Forest City International School (SSM-FC). Here, flushed faces explore the outdoors in their free time. Others channel their inner Picasso, conduct research in social studies, or hit high notes in music class. Every SSM-FC learner is striving to achieve no small feat: standing out in a competitive university applicant pool, even in light of a pandemic.

SSM-FC is located in Forest City, which is South East Asia’s first ecologically green city located on the southern tip of Peninsular Malaysia. Singapore is visible across the Straits of Johor. Here, every day is a fresh chance to enhance that CV and to develop a college application essay further. SSM-FC students draw upon individual and unique experiences to write effective college essays that highlight their passions. They stand out by highlighting strong characters, emotional readiness, and interdisciplinary excellence.

One such student is William. Since joining the school in 2019, he has gained confidence he never thought was possible. He has SSM-FC’s distinctive 24/7 immersion to thank. William lives with a diverse group of students he calls his “family,” in a dorm he proudly calls his “second home.” He learns from his “dorm parents,” who are also his teachers and care for his social, personal, and academic needs.

“Living in the dorm means there are more opportunities for me to practise my second language, develop independence, and manage myself and my time,” he shares. “Looking into the future, I realise I have had a unique opportunity to develop the key soft skills that will serve me well in life.” He credits his development to the signature SSM-FC way –– a full, enriching daily agenda; fueled by direct guidance and personalised support.

At SSM-FC, “dorm parents” care for every student’s social, personal, and academic needs. Source: Shattuck-St. Mary’s Forest City International School

“Mentors meet one-on-one with students to coach specific skills they are interested in developing,” explains Pablo Lozada, Director of Residential Life. “Students attend extracurricular activities after school, where they can play, have fun but also learn life-enriching skills. As part of our guided philosophy, teachers are really hands-on throughout.”

Outside the classroom, William discovered his passion for Strings Class and Physical Education –– both of which he spends every morning anticipating.

At SSM-FC, any aspiring musician could learn the piano, violin, cello or bass; train their vocal chords; produce or compile samples for their own compositions, join a rock band, or even grasp the basics of sound engineering.

“Even if you don’t have music experience beforehand, we will work through that in class,” explains Jordan Korth, a music teacher in the Upper School. “By the time students graduate, they will have many projects and a lot of music experience that they can take on with them into the future.”

While there is much fun to be had at SSM-FC, there is no shortage of rigour. To follow in the footsteps of the class of 2021, matriculating to esteemed universities such as University of Edinburgh, London School of Economics, and Pennsylvania State University; or receiving scholarship offers from Duke University, Parsons School of Design or Savannah College of Art and Design takes real academic prowess.

Thankfully, this is something SSM-FC nurtures best in its Upper School. Of course, its seniors graduate with exemplary skills in English, science, math, social studies, languages, the arts, physical education, and more; but what sets SSM-FC graduates apart is how they draw upon their experience of pursuing their passions and following their dreams to write convincing and effective essays that open doors to their next academic chapter at university.

University preparation begins as early as in Grade 9, where experienced college counsellors take charge. Source: Shattuck-St. Mary’s Forest City International School

After all, SSM-FC graduates have results that prove academic excellence; leadership skills; goals and action plans; the ability to contribute to communities in authentic ways; university and career awareness; a suite of interests and passions; as well as time management, self-management, organisation, and decision-making skills.

This preparation begins as early as in Grade 9, where experienced college counsellors take charge. These counsellors work with learners individually and in groups, building on general knowledge with more specific insights on the college admissions process.

From researching universities, to preparing for the SAT, to completing applications for admission — every question is answered. Students are also granted access to a college admission library, stocked with materials from a wide range of institutions, computer software programmes for test preparation, and everything they need to know about financial aid. Families are involved every step of the way, as counsellors are more than happy to host conferences, when required.

With an SSM-FC education, you’re set to impress college recruiters — no matter what’s going on in the world. Ready to get started? 

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